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Current Adventure:

On this next adventure, you will be joining us on a road trip from the Rocky Mountains of Northern Utah, to the Red Rock of Southern Utah where we will set up camp for a night, make an awesome dinner, and get some rest before a day of hiking and rappelling in a gorgeous sandstone valley.

We've got all the gear you will need if you don't have it, just be ready to step off the side of a cliff (tied in and ready to softly lower yourself down, of course).

Then we will head back to camp for the night and make the drive back up north in the morning.

Date range of eligible purchases:

Any purchase between the dates 6/21/2024-8/16/2024 gets you automatically entered to win this adventure.

All Adventure Information:

We are here for adventure, and we want to share that with everyone we possibly can.

Whatever adventure we are currently giving away, you don't have to even know anything about, we just want you along for the ride and ready for the fun! We take care of all equipment and gear needed, along with any training you may need, we also take care of all of the travel costs involved for the winners. We just want to see people have the time of their lives and create some awesome memories in the process.

Thank you for being willing to come along on an adventure with us!